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Jason: Who should Arsenal buy for their central midfield? [Video]

Posted on December 18, 2011 by Nitesh

Benayoun on loan till the end of the season, Rosicky 31 years of age; with only Diaby, Lansbury and Ozyakup as available substitutes for when Ramsey, Arteta and Wilshere are playing, the center attacking midfield backup seems rather lite. Maybe by the time Rosicky and Benayoun move on (which will be tough because the are both such respectable footballers), Lansbury will be on par with Wilshere, Ozyakup with Ramsey, and Diaby equal with Arteta or Song (unless his ankles keep snapping off).

Secondly, with Szczesny as Arsenal’s outstanding first choice keeper, the other three contestants are looking to find playing time elsewhere; so that position is thinning out as well. As far as back-up keepers are concerned, we would all hope for one who has confidence, good reflexes and positioning; but I have no one in particular to suggest for that role on the squad, for there are too many to choose from at the moment, and I haven’t narrowed them down. I might post concerning this issue at a later date.

Concerning an attacking midfielder I do have a suggestion, and his name is not Hazard; which might come as a shock, because everybody and their dogs are wetting themselves over him. Due to all of the hype, people have completely overrated him, in turn causing his valuation to soar into the realm of lunacy.

His name is Jano Ananidze, a 19 year old Georgian international who plays for Spartak in Russia. I’ve been watching him play for a little over a year now, and he has massive potential. He plays like a combination between a youthful Tomas Rosicky and Luka Modric with natural technical/ability in passing vision, high agility/dribbling, scoring from long range/short range and accurate free kicks. He would also cost a fourth (maybe even a fifth) of what Lille are asking for Hazard and would be an excellent “re-enforcement” (keyword emphasized in quotation marks) for that CAM position. Ananidze has a very high probability of developing into another Rosicky or Modric.

Below, is an adequate video displaying his abilities in the areas mentioned. Let me know what you think.

***Embedding for that video has been disabled on request from the YouTube owner. Please visit here to view it***


[ As i can’t embed that video, here is another one I found. Mind you, it’s from 2009, but you can see his skill in all it’s glory—– Nitesh ]

by Jason

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Jason: Who should Arsenal buy for their central midfield? [Video]
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6 to “Jason: Who should Arsenal buy for their central midfield? [Video]”

  1. LmFaO says:

    he sure is one for the future… IMO players like Rosicky are unique. Rosicky has a natural ability of playing beautifully when he is on the ball and even when he is off the ball… it is really entertaining to watch Rosicky play….

    Although it might take a year for to to develop this kid and bring out the full potential in him…. But when fully developed he can be the next Rosicky….

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  2. Kula says:

    He actually looks like 13! He would be eaten by the likes of Barton or De Jong!

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  3. undisclosed says:

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  4. sweeper says:

    rosicky is my favorite player still under contract in the world.
    ananidze looks good, but we just came out of a spell of relying on youngsters (not that it’s a bad thing but maybe we were a bit TOO over reliant) it’s the first time in many years we got players in thier mid 20’s as regulars.

    I was thinking about Banega, he’s defensive midfeilder but can easily play CAM cause his ball controll,dribbling, passing and vision are exceptional. he is ideal for our setup that has 3 central midfeild positions and he can play any of them.

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  5. ieuan says:

    i say go for kaka or gomeze as kaka is ending his carerr he could teach wiltshire and ramsey alot or gomeze who would fit in next to ramsey and beast on everyone

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  6. S.A says:

    just a question, who is gomeze?

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