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James: Frimpong could be the one who pulls us through !

Posted on September 10, 2011 by Nitesh

Since our 2 -2 draw against Fulham at the end of last season, many things have happened to our club. We had our captain stolen, were beaten 8-2 by Manchester United and brought five players into the club within two days. These three examples demonstrate how unpredictable and cruel football can be, and a harsh reminder of what can happen to a club in a matter of weeks.

The “August Five” dubbed so because of their late acquisitions by the club, have instantly restored many fans faith in what can be achieved this season. I wrote an article recently stating that Wenger was only half finished in the transfer window. If you read this article you will see the faith I have in Wenger to return Arsenal to its former glory, as well as trying to predict his movements in next years transfer markets. The signings we made this year were all good business in my opinion, and although buying players like Mertersacker and Gervinho will make many people excited, in this article I want to concentrate on a player already part of the squad, who I believe to be one of the most exciting players for us at the moment.

Emmanuel Frimpong is a player I have admired for two years now, in my opinion he has everything needed to succeed at Arsenal. One of his main assets is his mental toughness. Despite being very young he is not intimidated by his opposition or players on his own team. In recent years players like Armand Traore have floundered on the big stage, having no aggression or faith in his own ability, knowing he was out of his depth. Jack Wilshere on the other hand burst onto the scene with an attitude and technical ability which had people calling for him to be captain of his club and country in years to come. Frimpong is similar to the latter, his performance against Liverpool showed that he had no fear, he tackled brilliantly, passed well and burst forward when the opportunity arose, it seemed to be turning into a man of the match performance until his second yellow saw him dismissed. He played similarly well, albeit it in a friendly match against Boca Juniors where Riquelme described him and Jack Wilshere as Arsenal’s “most important players.” His performances have shown that he is unafraid aswell as talented and this can only be a good thing for Arsenal.

Frimpong has much else to offer other than mental toughness. His playing style will make many people wary of him because of its rawness, his red card against Liverpool was due to overeagerness as well as inexperience, but this can be quickly changed. Frimpong is similar in stature to Clarence Seedorf and Michael Essien with the young player citing the latter as a personal hero of his. Although it looks as if he has too much attitude to be disciplined in important games, as well as games against other physical teams, I believe he will be able to harness his aggressive energy transforming him into a Vieira type player i.e someone who will boss his team mates as well as the opposition, take down anyone who comes near him, at the same time as being able to go forward when he needs to. He seems to be a more mobile version of Song, who despite his emergence in the last few seasons as our first choice defensive midfielder needs real competition or a partner to bring the best out of his game, from a defensive point of view Frimpong is ideal for this.

Frimpong also gives Arsenal strength in depth. When early FA and Carling Cup games come around he will be much more dependable alternative to what Eastmond and Denilson have been in recent seasons. This means instead of having a midfield which is put together with below par players who are unable to see out games on their own and jeopardize progression to the next round. Or a team which has to be plugged with first team players who could get injured as a result of being overplayed. Instead Wenger will have Frimpong as an enforcer either with Coquelin,Ramsey, Benayoun or Rosicky occupying the other two midfield positions. This means we will be able to avoid replays and players suffering burn out. Another advantage of having Frimpong is that in first team matches where we need to see out a victory he can be brought in as a reliable substitute to help dominate the midfield and break up oppositions play, or begin the game as a partner to Song in games against more physical teams as well as more talented teams.

Frimpong is also exciting in my opinion because of the fire in his belly, I have already mentioned that he is not intimidated by any other player. But, more than this is his love for the club, having been here since 2001 he has Arsenal running through his veins, he is part of what I’d call a new era of players who are talented leaders with real, genuine love for the club.Players I believe fall into this category are Szczesny, Vermaelen, Sagna, Wilshere, Frimpong and Van Persie. All these players epitomize what Arsenal should stand for from now on, a team with real grit, determination as well as talent. A team made up of players such as these can play a beautiful game as well as triumph mentally and physically against any sort of opponent.

The main reason I cite Frimpong to be our most exciting player this season is due to his relationship with Jack Wilshere. The two have played together since the age of twelve in midfield, both have Arsenal running through their veins, both are English (although Frimpong has opted to play for Ghana) and both have the talent to match the ambition of the club. They both stand under six foot tall and are perfect matches for each other. Frimpong can tackle superbly and uses his physique to excellent effect, he can pass well as well as run and shoot. Wilshere on the other hand is superb at running, passing with exceptional vision, is a good tackler as well as good physically. The two complement each other perfectly in midfield, I think Wilshere will help Frimpong progress as a player and help him with the mental side of his game. In a few years time I believe Frimpong will have overtaken Alex Song as our first choice defensive midfielder because of the partnership the two will have together.

Overall I think Frimpong this season will be a brilliant squad player, he will make the difference when he comes in and will allow us to be more defensive when we need to. He is suitably agrressive, talented, has Arsenal in his blood and is best friends with our young breakout player last season. For all these reasons I believe Frimpong to be one of the most exciting players in the squad currently, and one of our top players in years to come.

James: Frimpong could be the one who pulls us through !
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  1. David says:

    Best player analasys Ive read for a long time! GJ

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  2. Precious says:

    U’ve summed up nicely what I love about the “new Arsenal”. I’ve been saying all along our academy is the KEY 2 our overall success. Wojciech, Jack n Frimpong r only a start. I dnt care what the non-believers say abt Us. Let’s continue with our beliefs, take the creme de la creme from the academy( not forget la masia too -lol) n sign some few players from outside n continue being a culture within a culture in England. LONG LIVE ARSENAL FC!

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    • AFRAGUNNER says:

      lol veri funny!!..la masia for sure!jon toral,hector bellerin,maybe da ‘new messi’ guy.we definitely not goin to sell back to them in a few yrs.lol!they will be too damn broke by then and we take more!!..hv a feelin they will be turin into ajax veri soon,sellin their best youngsters.up gunners!!team of da comin decades!!!

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  3. Jonny Martin says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  4. Gidigbih k says:

    I have been waiting 4a day when such article will be published nd i knw it wont be the last.i totally agree with all that has been said about this very promising young lad.

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  5. venky says:

    I agree with everything that you said, but what does this mean ? – “They both stand under six foot tall and are perfect matches for each other”, what logic is behind this ? God only knows Perhaps you were a little bit more excited while writing this

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  6. shaq says:

    When I was watching Frimmy in the recent games it was his attitude that I was most impressed with. Our youth and academy players are all pretty outstanding technically (some more than others), the attribute that sets them apart from the others is their attitude. Wilshere last year played like a seasoned pro, unphased and uninhibited, Frimmy showed glimpses of that, lets hope it continues!

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  7. Arsenal@heart says:

    Carling cup squad: VM24; CJ25, JD20, IM49, KG28; AR16, EF26, JW19; AOC15, MC29 & RM31.

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  8. Davi says:

    “Players I believe fall into this category are Szczesny, Vermaelen, Sagna, Wilshere, Frimpong and Van Persie” – You can’t leave out song, and I think Koscielny will win everyone over this year

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  9. Aussie Jack says:

    Quite a pat on the back for Mr Frimpong and I`ve not doubt he has and will earn it. I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again. “in order to succeed at Arsenal a player needs it in his blood (DNA)”. You can`t just pull on an Arsenal shirt and become an Arsenal player it doesn`t work like that. With all his so called faults Arsene Wenger bleeds Arsenal, it oozes from his pours and he expects nothing less from his players. With the likes of Van Persie, Wilshere, Walcott, Vermaelen, Ramsey and Frimpong he gets this. Others will follow.

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  10. Scott says:

    The club has a hell of a lot to look forward to with their youngsters.
    The narks whinge about how many of their youths don’t make top grade,but until they try,you can’t be sure ANY player will succeed….old or young.

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  11. Khalid says:

    I wouldn’t consider Walcott as an Arsenal die-hard. His performances for us, if you notice, only pick up a gear when International matches approach. He is a very ambitious young man (and rightly so) but his desire to feature for England rather than perform week in week out for us rules him out as my favourite player.
    I would take Frimpong any day though, great article!

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  12. fred says:

    The manager should try and maintain the current crop of players because in my opinion, its a great one.

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  13. Berts says:

    Brilliant piece. Alongside Wilshere and Szezsny, Frimpong is the best Arsenal find in the last 5yrs. He will make the biggest impact for Arsenal this season, even more than Jack, if he is given regular playing time. I can’t wait to see that boy play, he is that exciting.

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