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Is Wenger better at finance than management at Arsenal?

Posted on December 07, 2012 by Bob

Hi Gooners. by John Collard

Today I would like to talk to you guys and ask for your opinions about what the hell is going on. Guys I would like to make this clear before you read on, that this is me asking for your views and opinions. I do not seek an argument and those that choose then I have no time at all for. In these times we need to stick together and any view is always welcome. Arsene Wenger is a great manager (Of course) No question. Arsene Wenger is also a phenomenal businessman (Without question), and without shadow of a doubt the worlds best.

But of course this does not make the most loyal of gooners happy and soon I can see a revolution. A march was made at the ground last week end and it was very sad to see. I myself have a season ticket at Arsenal and I witnessed it myself. It was very sad to see around 2000 fans singing WE WANT OUR ARSENAL BACK. But to be fair gooners these guys that took the march were right in my opinion. I believe Wenger does care about Arsenal club in many ways but when we all see Kroenke buy a 80 million pound farm with 124000 acres of land our pill become much harder to swallow.

We are the guys that sit there at the ground and freeze our back sides off praying and cheering and hoping that our abuse by other supporters and papers will stop, like our lacklustre displays of late. We as the fans suffer and go home wounded by every away fan singing HE WOULD OF SCORED THAT HE WOULD HAVE SCORED THAT ROBIN VAN PERSIE HE WOULD OF SCORED THAT. Or even he left because your sxxt, Robin Van Persie he left because your sxxt.

What gets me with some of the fans they are very quick to just say Wenger is a rubbish manager and that’s it. To be fair, that is so ridiculous and ignorant they can’t have much knowledge of the game itself. Hey Wenger angers me at times but a rubbish manager he is not. I might not agree with some of his ways or what he does from the bench but no sorry not a rubbish manager (Rusty with age yes maybe). You don’t become a rubbish manager overnight after what he has done over the years I believe he has become greedy because of the tight fisted board at the club.

So if I have any reason why I would call for Wenger to go it would only be that. If Wenger would spend we have the right man for the job. Guys lets be fair did any of you see Lee Dixon’s comments in midweek about our men upstairs. He has said don’t blame Wenger, blame the board. Wenger has become a puppet and need to grow a pair (In my opinion) Or step down. He is or was which ever way you want to look at it has been titled the professor by the professionals of the game for a reason. And I’m sure most of us at one point worshipped the ground he walked on at the times of the 49ers.

People like Gary Neville, David Seamen, Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola, David Moyes, Henry and even Rafa Benitez have said he is without question one of the all time greats in the game (Why gooners) Because he is and we must accept it. Its just such a shame the profit game has gone way out of control. And to be honest the ship has sailed with most of you guys regarding policy of youth and profit as it has for me. So again we come to the cross roads gooners (What the hell can we say or do.)

Gooners tell me what must be done. Do we get another manager that will be a yes man. And what worries me is will we get a manager that is much weaker than Wenger and it goes from bad to worse for this great club. And we are gooners without question one of the greatest clubs of all time. I strongly now believe also like Nasri has stated and Van Persie don’t blame Wenger. In ways I guess we must with his stubbornness and the way he agrees with lining the boards pockets. Ok yes we are a well run club but we are doing the profit game well over board (It’s a joke). I believe we do have the right man for the job if we can get in another board member like Alisher Usmanov or David Dein on return to the club.

Guys what do you guys see happening and also tell me which way or how can we turn all this round. I’m sure there are many Wenger haters on here that have nothing more than a Wenger out quote. But I need you guys to try and look beyond the endless rants of the bad buys and the tactics of substitutions because to be fair at times or most of the time his record has been sharp (Good. Please gooners with sensible comments give me your views I don’t want a argument I would like a proper view on what you believe is knocking this great club backwards. Hey for most of you it might be Arsene and his ways or maybe you agree with me and Wenger still has it in the locker but needs a money man telling him I WANT TO SPEND.

One thing’s for sure we need to spend more than what we are. The wages could rise for the greedy players I’m sure and we could still have a well run club but I believe we need a new board member to give Wenger a kick up the Arsenal and get back to what he is just as good at (Being a manager). For me to sum it up I want the professor back and not the tight fisted man that has become a puppet for a board that don’t give a shower of shite about the fans just profit. Can Wenger ever get the glory days back (With this board and his new views I would have to say no). But enter the Russian and I believe we have the right man. In Wenger I trust (Maybe) But not all the time. Gooners thank you for reading.

John Collard

Is Wenger better at finance than management at Arsenal?
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  1. MZeey says:

    Will I would go ahead and call the joker and he would say easy kill koeroke

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  2. Enkuneh says:

    What kind of backing for a dead lion is this? do you think we have players of less class than the bottom fours?
    Let the board ran balanced buy. imagine how much money was spent past two years, if change has to come, wenger should be the first to be sacked.

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  3. NYE says:

    I like this article and for what you are seeming to aim at.
    I agree entirely with your sentiment, Wenger is a class manager.. this is a man whom changed our fortunes a thousand fold.. Yes he inherited a team with a strong core a solid basis in 1996, any true gunner worth their salt will appreciate that we had such a strong back four, so in tune and then a Goal Keeper par’ excellence..

    What Wenger than added to that base, the vision, the strength the creativity and pace was just amazing, I went to the FA Cup final 1998 against Newcastle, we were the favourites but knowing that in an FA Cup anything can happen it;s a tournament that beckons for the underdog to shine and everyone knows that every team raises their game to face the Arsenal.We instill that. (even now)
    At one point The Geordies raised their game and were really trying to apply good pressure, Alan Shearer broke and hit fine shot which hit the base of the post and promptly came back out.. “Unlucky” said some.. Yes indeed, NO.. Not at all what was unlucky is how that game could have been a walkover as the AFC with the passion of Parlour, Vieira, Petit, and Overmars just totally stepped it up and almost tortured the Geordies that day. Straight after that Alan Shearer miss Anelka scored a peach of a goal, it was as if to say “Dont Try that.. Do You Know Who We Are? ..

    2002 I went to the millennium stadium Cardiff for the final v Chavski .. again this was a turning of events after the Blue tide put on their best swagger and truely tried to out game us.. it wasnt to be, again we raised the BAR, I was in Prime position to watch as Freddie shrugged of JT, little Freddie “We love you Freddie B’cos”… held of Terry and put a peach angled arrow into the net, this following the beauty Ray the Magnificent Romford Pele had opened the precedings.

    Wenger made that… that is what he had conjured, crafted and built and with the aide of DD (Dave Dein) we had something very, very special. I personally think that the leaving of Dein was the killer blow, why oh why did we gain an American??! yes fine if we were a grid iron outfit, played basketball or dabbled with Baseball! but Football.. c’mon, Man Utd being the exception because the Manc’s are passionate enough to make real noise if needed it was never going to work for us. The temperament has gone, the year’s we stated letting the kinpins on the pitch leave, Edu, Petit, Patrick, Silva leave and tried to push through the bambinos was initially a decent strategy, but if it continues to draw a non – plus why continue..
    8yrs since we last collected in the great scheme of things is not that long aka Chelsea 50yrs Tiny Tott’s… Have they ever won the premiership?? errr NO!
    So that isnt my worry, the worry is how being an ambassador, a front runner, an evangelist, a bastion of fear, a prerequisite of how to play EPL football we have sunk to our present level and lost so many talented players but managed to keep some accidents waiting to happen.
    Would Fergie have kept this going, would Lowe of Germany, or even the dreaded Fat head Jose? the answer is No..

    I believe Wenger loves Arsenal and I for 1 love what Wenger has done for the AFC, but his head has been turned and yes I do blame the board, It’s time for Wenger to move upstairs and keep the numbers, perhaps fill DD’s old spot and be our contract negotiator out top scout our safe pair of hands at Exec level, and in turn the likes of Lowe – Germany, Jurgen Kloop, Rijkaard, or even Laudrup to step to the mantle
    We need the players to have someone whom they can 110% believe and die for as well as the badge.. but for now I think dear arsene albeit still the top dog, as the saying goes “Every Top Dog has their day”.. maybe he has had his

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  4. John Collard says:

    Sorry but this is the type of person i talk of. Its a opinion a view.

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  5. Tonero says:

    Wenger should be sacked Asap. He is not tactically effective now. Why keep Arshavin on the bench. I have been praying for Arshavin to start two game and you guys would see the difference but he kept him on the bench and plays Gervinho and Ramsey. #wenger out

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  6. Sunnypa de gooners says:

    First of all thanks u for your comment.what i want to say consiny that is that wenger has his own blame and the board has thier blame too.wenger blame is that when ever he want to sign player he will be looking for shiper player that he will gave small money u know player they will play what u gave them u gave them small money they play small football u gave them big money they play big football.board will say to us they gave wenger £60million wenger will go to market buy sheep player and return the remaining money.wenger is old enough to diside by himself if board told u to do what u know is grong told them if they can not allow u do what u want to do u will stepdown as manager i no they will live u alone.4 board pls we need another board member because peter hill wood and gazidis kronke they did not no anyting about football what they no is business here business there we fans dont want them anymore we what david dain and usmanov in the board this two people no what they called football and they will take our dealing arsenal football club to promised land.they should increase our players money so that they can play with there strent.pls do what it takes and keep wolcut and sagna dont let them go we are till hunt for leting song go is because of dis useless board.

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  7. GoonerN4 says:

    Well done for encouraging opinion and respect.
    Shame you felt the need though!
    Only a blind person would deny Wenger is a great coach/manager when he focused on that.
    But that is no longer the case and the fans have a right to point that out.
    Wenger has many admirers in the game and rightfully so but even his ex players like Seaman, Adams, and Dixon, have criticised our selling policy and the performances of the team. It would be ridiculous to assume they could do that without questioning his judgment.
    Fergie and Pep might respect him but they would not work under our club policy because winning is too important to them.
    I do not think he is better at finance but i think it is his main interest now.

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  8. Donnyfan1 says:

    Ahh- the chanting! Are you suggesting 2000 Man U fans go to the Emirates because Old Trafford is too far away or a shit place to visit? Or are you suggesting the new way of encouraging a player or a team is to abuse them with praise about a player who walked out on Arsenal to join their bitterest rivals? Supporting the team on the pitch—-whatever–is what you do–and you can moan about them as much as you want afterwards. No team or player has ever–or will ever– respond to abuse during a game. Arsenal’s away fans are the best. Sadly– the home fans are close to being the worst.

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    • John collard says:

      I go home and away and there are some rubbish away fans also. It’s the person as a whole. Any home ground is more silent including old Trafford. It all depens on the person.

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    Wengers is paid by the greedy board for what he made in Arsenal..not for what he wins nowadays. Main objective..maintain the profits for the shareholders.

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  10. henrisson says:

    gunner`s are suffering all around the globe; what about the coach? he is simply darting with low rated players and making sweet eyes with the board at the end of each season. how is it all londonians are in impressive progress; walcott has been outstanding I am afraid he`ll be the pink flamingo this time.we gooner`s are so much sadly adapted to humiliation in London, lets hope a quiet 19th May…..

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