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Double Blow For Arsenal Ahead Of Udinese Game

Posted on August 23, 2011 by admin

Samri Nasri and Jack Wilshere will definitely not participate in the Champions League qualifier against Udinese this week. Nasri told Wenger that he did not want to become cup-tied and jeopardize his transfer to Manchester City.

While Nasri’s absences was more or less expected Wilshere’s status is a disappointment. Wilshere is suffering from an ankle injury and has not trained with the squad this morning. It was hoped that he would have healed in time and he is not expected to travel to Italy with his team-mates.

On the bright side of things Song, Gervinho and Van Persie are all back in the side which will hopefully results in more converted chances than in the first game.

Still, the situation highlights how important it is to bring in new players because it’s criminal to let a big club like Arsenal be in a situation where they are relying on such young players to carry them through to the biggest competition in Europe.

Double Blow For Arsenal Ahead Of Udinese Game
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  1. Paul Dean says:

    I have no doubts now that Wenger does indeed have deals in place depending on tomorrow’s result, I cannot believe a manager of his calibre does not have a plan and I also believe we will get into the group stages. I have stated before he is the best manager we ever had so we need to keep faith.

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    • gooner4life says:

      well said mate! keep the faith!

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    • layinka says:

      Its rather unfortunate but the truth is that arsenal will NOT progress into the group stage.AW has taken us for a ride for too long. Am waiting to see whether he would quit or not after ManU massarce dis weekend. Udinese 2 Wenger’s team 0. Trust my judgement as an economics prof. End of a glorious era,AW quit honourably.

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  2. John Collard says:

    Its a very sad day for Arsenal football club. All i have to say is its going to be a very long season. But i will get behind the lads and the manager and hope we can get past these bad times. Im just going to wish the younger the lads all the best. Because lets be honest gooners its not their fault that they have been given the chance to play for Arsenal at such a young age. They have the belief to do well and try to break into the team. Yes Wenger haters will moan but its not the young lads that plays fault. So any form of putting them young players down will not help them wat so ever. All we can do is wish them well and hope we sign a few players.

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    • John Collard says:

      Im scratching my head 5 people dont agree with my comment. Wishing the young players well. And hope we sign new players. Strange

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  3. daniel says:

    we believe in arsesal and Wenger opes victory

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  4. Arron Macdonald says:

    Time to get rid of the board members and that new owner, get usamanov in and bring back dein! Otherwise its a long road to hell. We need quality players now…come on wenger. In you we trust.

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  5. Arsenal1Again says:

    Well said Paul Dean.

    After the Champions League qualification there will be the finalising of some signings for sure.

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  6. ozed says:

    @ Niell surely you dont mean young players like Song, Gervinho and RVP? Do you??

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  7. coob23 says:

    i am pro wenger and if there are nodeals, we can kiss goodbye to 4th and wenger should go… no other club dallies around like this… but yeh, i think that he must have deals in place… hopefully hazard, vertonghen and baines, but my gut says possibly hazard and jagielka… c’;mon heart, win

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  8. True Gunner says:

    Calling True Arsenal Supporters!

    Sign the Petition, ‘Back Wenger, Support Arsenal’


    We need to stand together behind our manager and our club and stop these vicious and unwaranted attacks.
    If you’re a true SUPPORTER stand up and be counted and make your voice heard. The club is suffering and needs our support more than ever now in this difficult time. Sign and show your true support.

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    • meldrethgooner says:

      We’ve been limping along since before the Birmingham debacle.Wenger knew we’d need to buy as soon as the transfer window opened…what’s happened?We’ve got a kid who’s been on loan to Eastbourne Borough,and Gervino.Never mind the other kids Miachi and Chamberlain etc.Where’s the central defender we’ve been crying out for??
      He bought a no-hoper in Squillachi and a second division French untried defender.If the club is suffering only one person is to blame..Wenger.

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  9. hunnn..arsenal fans are getting into problem coz what s going on in the land of emirate has been getting into hand.arsenal board plz do somting gud do nt just beliv dat making money is wht u only knw….plz give us someting gud…givs us better and strong player…let us 4get about sam and fabpass and face new season nw

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  10. Shepherd says:

    we need to win even if its ugly. Sagna, Djourou, TV5 and Miquel at the back, Song, Ramsey, Frimpong, Walcott and Oxlade and Bendtner at CF or drop Ramsey for RVP

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