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Azana: Do you have nightmares about the Arsenal? 2

Posted on December 04, 2011 by Nitesh

First of all it’s a relief being able to freely visit the internet without fear of pounding on a nasty Arsenal article. I now declare the internet safe for any gunner around the world (as if I have that authority). After months of attacks on our Arsenal from within and outside, the heat seems to have reduced to a manageable level. Much of the heat from outside never bothered me for the reason that it ranged from normal talk from fans of other teams to haters experts giving their analysis in football shows. The heat from within was a cause for concern, our “fans” had all sorts of ideas that I can honestly say were absurd.

Strengths And Weaknesses, Arsenal v Manchester City 5

Posted on November 29, 2011 by Nitesh

So Arsenal v Manchester City after a frustrating weekend. To be honest it doesn’t feel like a David v Goliath situation at all, maybe it never was. Some people view Arsenal as a weak team and City as a strong one. I have news for you, within the weak team are strong elements and within the strong team are weak elements.

Azana: Interesting 3-week period for Arsenal coming up 3

Posted on November 19, 2011 by Nitesh

Thank God the boring two months weeks of international football are finally over. I won’t even talk about the much hyped England v Spain game where the only surprise was the result. The rest are things even a four year old, who isn’t into football, could predict that Spain has Barca DNA and that England can hit the ball real hard.

There is every reason for any Gunner to look forward to this weekend’s fixture. One thing could happen, Chelsea could lose to Liverpool and the Gunners win. We could be one big happy family at no. 5 tying with 22 points each with Spurs and Newcastle tying at 25 points, just 3 points away assuming the latter loses to Manchester City.

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