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Atts: Koscielny, Arteta and the Arsenal Fans deserve extra applause this season

Posted on April 23, 2012 by admin

Hats off to Koscielny & Arteta by Atts

What a strange season this has been with a awful start at the beginning of the season and the way the team picked up at the end .Throughout this season I have been really impressed by Kos, i have been to a few live games and was really impressed by him. He has excelled very well from his first season, responded very well from his Carling Cup Final mistake last year but he does tend to lose concentrations at time. I am sure he will improve even more that TV 5 is back. With the back four settled down we are looking much better and what can I say about our young goal keeper finally the defence is settling sown very well.

Another person I would like to mention is Mr Arteta or a “panic-buy” he was labelled, I mean okay he is no Cashri or Fabregas but has done very well after getting used to the our style of play. His work rate is immense. He helps out in attack and defends well plus he brings in the odd long distant shooting – a very good addition to the side

One thing I also like to mention are the fans I was at the game for City and the atmosphere was amazing and that passed on to the team as they responded very well. So hats off to all the fans who been supporting that team with their hearts and voice.

Hopefully now the players can see what they are capable of when playing as a team and having an injury free season, plus with some summer additions we can push for some silverware. Come on you Gunners!!!!

Kind regards all

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  1. DENCH says:

    koscielny is the best defender in the EPL this season.

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  2. John Collard says:

    Arteta and Koscielny are amazing. More hats of to Koscielny because he has been in lower leauges. And the complete and utter sxxt that fans gave him was a joke. And now they all love him lol.

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  3. saintann says:

    panic-buy of the year..Mr arteta the best midfilder in Epl as for me,i wish mr wenger will add ventroghen to the squad now i count poldoslki as an arsenal player,it wil be good if wenger can get ricardo..

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  4. tissiam says:

    laurent koscielny has been one of our best players this season,his progress has been immense and his first cap for france was well deserved and also shows why french players want to play for wenger!!i would love for Wenger to get more” panic buys ” like Arteta this summer!!WOULDN,T YOU??

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  5. Angelito says:

    Koscielny has been the second best defender behind Kompany this season, while Arteta has been the most influential CM in all of Premiership. I’m not counting the likes of Silva and Mata here because they play a more advanced role.

    If we invest in one solid attacking midfield player and a versatile defender like Vertonghen, we’re well off for the next season. Of course, I’m assuming that we have wrapped up the deal for Podolski and that van Persie does stay.

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