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Ankit: Should Arsenal fans call this defeat from QPR a one-off?

Posted on April 01, 2012 by Nitesh

I cross my heart and say that is the most disappointing display of football from Arsenal this season in the Premier League (next only to old Trafford game)

We all had great expectations from this game. To be fair….who wouldn’t?

First shocker came to me when the team line-up displayed the name ‘Aaron Ramsey’ on the left side of the midfield. That was the first sign of the things to come for Arsenal on this day. Ramsey at his best has been just an impact substitute this season for Arsenal. Today he proved once again why? Passing sideways! Ramsey had this wonderful opportunity of putting Arsenal level but he squandered it. Gervinho has been good if not great for Arsenal this season and yet Ramsey was preferred. Although it is to be noted that Ramsey was played out of position.

Second bomb was dropped by Thomas Vermaelen. Nobody expected this from Verminator. The worst display of defending from the senior ever in Arsenal shirt. He was shabby. Just a bad day in office for the Verminator. So did Alex Song.

Does anyone remember the games at Emirates and Craven Cottage against Fulham? Those who do…….remember the hard time given by Bobby Zamora to our defense line. Arsenal never looked like getting over the physical presence of Zamora. He did give nasty time to the Verminator & Koscielny. Were we prepared for that?

From last few days, we all have heard the rumours that we are close to signing Vertonghen ……related nonsense. Signing new players is not the solution to the Arsenal defense crisis. . Yes, we won 7 games in row without much trouble in the defense but that same defense crumbled again today. We never defend as a team. There is communication gap between the defense line and the goalkeeper which was evident today.
Result —- giving rise to uncertainty for the team all over and not only the defense. God knows we need a new defense coach.

As the game started today, it was pretty clear with the way we were playing that we will lose. It almost reminded me of the feeling when we started the game against AC Milan at the San Siro this season. In that game also we started so damn negatively! At times today, it felt that the team was playing just for the sake of playing. Passing just for the sake of passing, slow paced game, SIDEWAYS PASSING!

Except that goal…..Walcott was almost invisible on the pitch.

Again, Wenger haters will come out of the hole yelling the heart out against him. It was not his fault. It’s up to the players on the pitch. Although, OX was brought on too late…..should have been brought after the half time……could have changed the game. As soon as OX came on to the pitch, at least three chances were created.

I hope it was not overconfidence showing. We have a tuff set of fixtures coming up and players have to pull up their socks after this dismal display of football…….if they want to hold on to the crucial third spot.

by Ankit

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Ankit: Should Arsenal fans call this defeat from QPR a one-off?
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  1. Angelito says:

    We lost because of Wenger’s strategy. You can’t go into a match “expecting to win.” Arsenal and Wenger did just that.

    Have you noticed? We have lost the last 8/9 games Ramsey has started? Is it a coincidence? No, it’s not. Ramsey destroys any stability Arteta brings to the team. He panics when he has the ball and his best offer is the side or the back pass. Ramsey is–at his best–an impact sub and should be used that way.

    We have Benayoun. If we need more defensive covering, we can afford to play Yossi on the left, but was that even needed against QPR? We could have simply started Gervinho on the left. We need to attack teams such as QPR; not defend. QPR isn’t a team of Sunderland or Everton’s caliber.

    Robin van Persie needs a rest. He is extremely fatigued. We should have rested him because we can’t afford that against City next week. Yet, Arsene goes ahead and plays him; in the end, it didn’t pay off. Wenger wanted a win here because he will be playing for a draw at the Emirates next week, which is pathetic management.

    Theo Walcott is a striker. If there is anything Mr. Walcott can do–that is finishing the ball. When van Persie needs a rest, we can slot him in the middle.

    Regardless, I wasn’t very excited with out 7-game winning streak because I’ve been a Gooner for far too long to ignore that Arsenal can defeat Barcelona one week and the next week, we will lose to Birmingham City.

    Next week, I’m confident of getting something, but all of that means nothing if we drop points against Wolves.

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  2. John collard says:

    Still we lost one in eight. In my eyes sill a great effort to even get third. It’s been a shocking start and we have tried hard. Robin looks nackerd.

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    • Ankit says:

      Oh man…..bravo to u and Angelito ! at least you both had guts to say that about Persie. I too believe he should have been rested for the QPR game. Even during the game against Villa…..he looked tired. May be…..rest him for the game against Wolves !

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  3. francis says:

    aaron ramsey is bad luck 2 arsenal,some times i question wenger’s abilities As a manager,first it was keepin rosciky on d bench 4 ramsey,and now playin ramsey ahead of gervinho,benayoun or d ox,which coach does dat,all games ramsey has started 4 us this year we have nt been able to win,i wonda why wenger does nt take note of this statistic.

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  4. keys says:

    I dont know what Wenger was thinking when he played Ramsey ahead of Gervinho and Ox.

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  5. WC says:

    Why was Wenger trying to fix what isn’t broken? He tinkered with the line-up and paid the price. You can call for fatigue or whatever but we have no competitions aside from the league to play in so rotating a team that’s already winning seems like a gamble that we lost out on.

    Rotation is necessary for any team but that’s when they’re challenging on multiple fronts with only a few days in between matches. This is not the case anymore for us and now Chavs and Spuds are breathing down our neck again

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  6. Jason says:

    Listen i aint slagging the team or Wenger or anybody this loss here came at the right lot us fans thought we were unstoppable and all this rubbish wheras QPR exposed the qualities we lack to champions Jack Wilshere said that its a Marathon not a sprint and we cant blame the pitch referee or Ramsey for that matter
    I hope all our fans see that their are still changes to be made maybe policy or tatics or formation or even players i dont know but Wenger must know after today.

    I really hope we beat Cashri and Money grabbing team next Sunday because Spurs are away at Sunderland and Chelsea host Newcastle so one our top 4 rivals(Yes Newcastle to after beating Liverpool)shall drop points

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  7. meaner says:

    I just hope Wenger can be ruthless, to axe Ramilson. Wenger promised Ramilson’s parents that he would play him if he signed for us rather than MU.

    I started to doubt Ramilson’s ability long way back but i got blasted for calling him Ramilson. Every period we would have a weak link in our so call first team. Previously was Denilson, now is Ramilson.

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  8. Aussie Jack says:

    Yes we won seven straight and a wins a win but they weren`t all that convincing wins were they? Even Wenger admitted on a couple of ocassions we were lucky, the decisions went our way.Anyway ,you play your luck but to say Arsenal are now an established outfit and the bad times are behind them is an over statement. Wenger still seems to make the most odd decisions, either that or he forgets to take his tablets. We can`t continue to rely on luck, not only are we carrying sub standard players we are including them in the line up.

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  9. nicw says:

    It depends on what we do in our remaining games but we lost away at Blackburn, Fulham and Swansea so it is hardly a one off. It doesn’t fill you with confidence with games against Chelsea, City and the bogy fixture away to stoke, coming up. If we win those then we can call this a one off, if lose then then it’s definitely not. What scares me is that QPR are a poor team and despite all the talk of focus and commitment we still couldn’t produce a performance worthy of winning the game.

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    • John Collard says:

      Fxxking hell mate. Come on ne football fan knows teams fighting to stay up pull of the odd upset. We know we are not the strongest Arsenal team. But to get back in the hunt hats off. Please Nick cant u admit that. We lost it happens. They beat Liverpool and they will scalp again.They fight for their lives.

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  10. nicw says:

    If we finish 3rd or even 4th then I’ll says ‘hats off’ but if we finish 5th or 6th then you have say that is a disappointing season and there is something missing in this team. If RVP is tired its because there are no other strikers at the club worthy of a start and that has to be down to the manager.

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    • John collard says:

      Well let’s see my friend when robin and podolski sign. And we won’t be out of the top4

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      • nicw says:

        I hope your right I really do because above all I want to see Arsenal at the top again. The older I get the more I hate to see them lose.

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    • Ankit says:

      No manager will ever understand and love Arsenal better than Wenger. We have now evolved a different system and playing style when compared with other teams of EPL.No other manager had the expertise to drag arsenal from where they were at the starting of the season. Respect the manager…..its not his fault.Please remember….everyone commits mistakes !

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