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Ankit: Analyzing summer transfer targets for Arsenal, who should we take a chance on?

Posted on April 03, 2012 by Nitesh

There have been some players who have been linked to a move to the Emirates although most of them have been just rumors. Focus of this article is to bring to notice as to how these players have performed for their clubs this season. We should always keep in mind Premier League is totally different from other Leagues in Europe. The pace with which games in EPL go is unmatched. It’s more physical, hard tackles etc which one might not get away in any other league…..are actually allowed here and are as much part of football culture here. This is one of the most important reasons why some players take some time to settle in the English System. Therefore, I request the people should give some thought into signings which can be a success at the Emirates and further give sometime to signings to settle down.

1) Jan Vertonghen – a tall and strong centre back, plays for Ajax in the Dutch league. He is left footed player. It is further to be noted that 24 year old defender was at the Emirates for the A.C Milan game and has reiterated his wish to join us. In spite of being a defender, he has contributed with 9 goals and 2 assists in the campaign for Ajax. As much as I want him to join us, I don’t see any need of another centre back as we already have Mertesacker, Ignasi Miquel in the ranks. Last thing we want is to lose a talented youngster like Miquel leave the team in search of first team football. The defensive fragilities we have right now cannot be solved by new signings. There is communication gap between the defense line and the goalkeeper resulting in conceding silly goals. The team needs to work on their defense but they do need a new defense coach.

Market Value – 10m……although might get him cheap as his contract expires in June 2013.

2) Yann M’Vila – 21 year old is a defensive midfielder, plays for Ligue 1 (France) side FC Stade Rennes. He is a right footed player. Although he has been injured for some part of the season for his club, in the process though he has contributed with 1 goal and two assists. Wenger has been trying to sign him for the past two seasons. This guy is a level headed player and will surely improve with time and experience. If Wenger goes and sign him, it will only mean that Alex Song will move in Central Midfield which I believe will be good for the team. Please do remember we already have Frimpong and Coquelin on the same position. Think…….

Market Value – 18m. Definitely overpriced if look at his performance and experience.

3) Lucas Rodrigo Biglia – 26 year old Argentine is also a defensive midfield player, plays for RSC Anderlecht (Belgium).He is a right footed player. This season he has contributed his club with 2 goals and 12 assists. Consider him as an option if Wenger is not able to sign M’Vila. Although he is much more experienced than M’Vila.

Market Value – 10m

4) Riccardo Montolivo – 27 year old Italian is a Central Midfielder, plays for AC Florentina, Serie A (Italy) Montolivo has been the mainstay of the Italian club for a long time now. He is a right footed player. He has contributed with 2 goals and 3 assists. Blimey…..his performance does not suggest anything special. Although would like to bring into notice that chances of him being signed are huge due to the fact that he would be available for free at the end of the season. Fun fact: Florentina is interested in Chamakh.

Market Value – Free Transfer

5) Shinji Kagawa – 23 year old Japanese is a Central Attacking Midfielder, plays for Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga), two footed player. Since last two seasons, Dortmund has seen their star player Mario Gotze being in and out of the team due to constant injuries. Yeah ……Gotze is injury prone and as great a player he maybe…..it’s of no use if one is injured for half the season. Meanwhile, this has been a blessing in disguise for the Japanese who has taken the opportunity with both hands…….contributing with 15 goals and 10 assists. This guy is quick on the pitch, he is creative, good finisher and above all he can play the Arsenal way. The fact that he is cheap compared to Gotze is also important. Don’t know/care about Gotze…..but Arsenal should sign this lad b4 he signs a new deal with Borussia Dortmund or the money laden vultures start to circle around him. We all know that Rosicky, no matter how well he is playing at the moment……we have to prepare for next season and we know that Ramsey is not helping in any way. He can be as good as Messi!

Fun fact: Dortmund bought this lad for 0.5m in 2010 from Osaka.

Market Value – 18m

6) Matias Ezequiel Suarez – 23 year old Argentine is a Striker, plays for RSC Anderlecht (Belgium) this guy is a two footed player. The fact that he has scored 17 goals and 19 assists this season for Anderlecht…..has made him most sought after player. He is quick and versatile i.e. can be deployed on the wings. Whenever we hear his name, we think of January Pre-Contract Saga. A respected Argentinean football journalist Javier Perez announced via his twitter account that the deal has been done. He said about Suarez: The deal will not be officially announced until later on in the season, as there are still a few bits and pieces that need to be ironed out. NOW WHEN THOSE BITS AND PIECES WILL BE IRONED OUT ONLY GOD KNOWS!!! The fact remains that we need at least one more striker even if we get Poldi.

Market Value – 10m

7) David Hoilett (Junior) – 21yr old Canadian International is a striker, plays on the left wing for Blackburn Rovers, right footed player. Hoilett has been the lone shining light for the Rovers this season. Hoilett has scored 6 goals and 7 assists. Further, due to his physical presence upfront, he can be daunting and he is quick too. Perhaps that is somebody whom Arsenal need. At Arsenal, he can be useful prospect to come off the bench and have an impact on the game. Since his contract is due to lapse this June, will be free of cost.

Market Value – Free Transfer

There are some other signings to be linked with Arsenal like Eden Hazard etc but this kid is confused and arrogant which can be seen with the way every week he has linked himself to every top club of Europe. There have been reports of attitude problem with the kid during the training sessions. Now, we don’t need a player with Nasri/Adebayor type attitude to the club. Frankly, we have OX and Miyachi coming up who can fill up the gap.

By the way…..get ready to sing “Goldi Poldi Hallelujah” at the Emirates

If you had the opportunity of choosing 3 – 4 players from above….who would they be?

Any other signings we might require or that I might have missed?

By Ankit

Ankit: Analyzing summer transfer targets for Arsenal, who should we take a chance on?
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12 to “Ankit: Analyzing summer transfer targets for Arsenal, who should we take a chance on?”

  1. John Collard says:

    Podolski is a master stroke. And wait and see what else comes. Oh and Jack Wilshire will be a new signing. Great times.

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  2. Incognito says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. fowler says:

    I’d take hoilett on a free any day of the week. Been watching him a lot this season and he takes players on and troubles every defence he plays against.

    I’d also take vertonghen. I’m amazed that with the defensive injuries we have every year that you would say we don’t need him. Also he is on the cheap at about £7m and can play CB LB DM, with our limited transfer budget I don’t think we can afford to let him go elsewhere

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    • Ankit says:

      then what would the difference be between us and Chelski,Man City etc. We have five centre backs(Vermaelen,Koscielny,Mertesacker,Miquel,Djourou – he is going nowhere as he has signed a new deal),two left backs(Gibbs,Santos),two right backs(Bacary,Jenkinson).
      I believe having 9 defense players in squad of 25 is more than enough.
      Now if Djourou or Miquel leave out on loan then maybe….Vertonghen can be signed.

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  4. Julius says:

    Vertonghen (we can sell Djourou and Squillaci, and bring in Vertonghen and move Miquel up), Matias Suarez and Hoilett. All for 17M. Yes please.

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  5. fuid says:

    Vertonghen too good to be a fringe player, and i don’t want him to replace kosc. Suarez’s price is likely to rocket up(about 15M perhaps), as just about every top club have tracked him (barca too), would be great though. Podo is going to be great and M’vila could too.

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  6. leo says:

    we could get podolski for 5.5m if koln gets relegated they are currently at 18 pos. arsenal can also sign farfan(schalke) available for free ,striker oliver giourd is a target for 6-10(buyout clause) montolivo is a target for juventus & milan keep an eye on man city and madrid some of their players could be available for knockout fee we missed out on van der vart for 10m now at spuds next season things looking great for arsenal in arsene we trust

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  7. Angelito says:

    I’d love Montolivo at Arsenal, but him and Arteta are similar players. If he wants to come at Arsenal, I’d want him because he would be available for free, but I’m sure either one of Juve or Milan will snatch him up.

    For the rest, it depends on what formation Wenger wants from here on.

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  8. Az Uz says:

    It depends on the formation. If we use a 4-4-2 then I’ll rather we get a winger and a striker. In that case, Lukas Podolski & Eden Hazard/Junior Hoilett/Moussa Dembele. If we remain with the 4-3-3 then we should get a winger/striker in Lukas Podolski and a CM in Yann M’Vila or Riccardo Montolive. We still have Jack Wilshere returning. I don’t know where Vertonghen will fit. We have 2 of the Top5 defenders in the EPL and I don’t think he’ll be bought to play at LB.

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  9. mandem says:

    firstly release deadwood (almunia djourou squillaci denilson bender chamakh vela arsh) to free up space.

    its obv arsenal wont spend 18mill on kagawa and mvila.

    montolivo could easily move to another italian team like ac and i dont c hoilett as an arsenal player.

    so no big signings or no free transfers.

    Arsenal could do with verthonghen (a utility player) but arsene wont buy coz there simply is no space in defence for him.

    podolski is yet to be confirmed by arsenal.

    the pre contract agreement with suarez sounds like bull.

    its obvious wenger will sign atleast 1 youth player.

    biglia? dont b silly we got song and le coq!

    having said all that i would like to see vethongen, montolivo and poldi in and promote some youth.

    i thing i can guarentee is that wenger will sign a player that we have never even heard off!!

    having released all deadwood,the big question is what do we do with underperforming player like ramsey, gervinho and mert?

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    • Ankit says:

      don’t get me wrong, whether we get M’vila or not ????? we surely do need Kagawa in the midfield badly. Kagawa and Wishere will easily fill the gap left by Fab and Ca$$hri !
      Don’t care how good Rosicky may be playing at the moment but he is aging and has limitations.
      Mark my words if we sign Kagawa….we would stand a great chance of winning PL next season.

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  10. emi says:

    i’ll take only hoilet

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